Arrgh. Where to start?

  1. They support glue records, but they don’t support subdomain registration. Actually they do, subdomains will appear for a minute or so, but then get auto-cancelled.
  2. Chat support: they advise hover doesn’t support subdomain NS registration, and recommend cloudflare as a resolution. Am gobsmacked they recommend a competitor – it seems like commercial suicide, I guess there’s some kind of on-going affiliate deal?
  3. Pop over to cloudflare, and they do indeed support NS subdomains. Go through the set up process. Oh, you want a subdomain NS? That’ll be *$200/mo*. WTF
  4. AWS Route 53 works at work, it’ll be fine at home I’m sure. Clicky-clicky-clicky. No auto-import process for the existing name server entries. Reaaaallly? Why not? But you can import a zone transfer file. Great!
  5. Ask hover for the zone import file. This is trivial for them to generate if they so choose. But no, that’s not an option. “Cut and Paste” is their suggestion. Life is really too short. I’ve been a hover client since pre-2000, when it was traded under another name. I guess it’s time to move on, I mean it’s not like I am asking the world, just a transparent process that allows me to manage my DNS records effectively. If they helped me just a little bit, I’d still pay them for domain registration. Their DNS servers see a minuscule lighter load, so it’s a win for them too. It’s not rocket science, it’s not even that hard – it’s just willfully obstructive.

Frankly I don’t relish giving additional $ to Bezos, but Hover have been relentlessly obstructive, so it’s kind of an Darwin thing – we evolve our use of services according to their capabilities. The vendors that don’t adapt will ultimately wilt.

By Patrick

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